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Therapy for the Soul to Reveal the Masterpiece that is You!

Our spirit is the part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine.


SOUL DETECTIVE SESSIONS with Toby Evans SOul Detective badge ether card

Certified as a Soul Detective - based on the protocols taught by Barbara Stone PhD

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A Soul Detective Session heals the origin of emotional pain.

This session is designed to track the origin of complex, emotional wounds by looking at the invisible threads that may be attached to the spirit world as underlying causes behind the problem. The intent is to resolve all aspects involved. They might include, past life trauma, soul loss, earthbound spirits or invasive, detrimental energies causing a disruption in the energy field.

The intent is to help any invading entities move into the Light while restoring proper energy flow and equilibrium to the client, empowering them to return to their restored, authentic self.

Sessions are 2 hours in length and may include "tapping" or (Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and walking the labyrinth.

Cost is $175.00 in check or cash.

Email or call for an appointment-

(816) 305-6916