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Assembling Your Soul Pieces to Remember the Masterpiece that is You!

Our spirit is the part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine.

Past Life Spiritual Regressions in Kansas City

Past Life Regressions with Toby Evans. Certified as a Past Life hypnotherapist by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D. and Dolores Cannon.

Do you accept your own vast being, co-creating your own plan? Do you trust this moving current that wants to free you to expand ...into All of who you are? You're connected to the soil and to the stars. You're explorers of energy that came from afar - to remember All of who you are. Yes, ALL - is who you are. -Keeper of the Circles



A Past Life Regression can take 3-4 hours including the pre and post discussions.

Cost: $450.00 in cash, check or money order payable to SageBrush Exchange due on the day of the session.

PACKAGE DEAL: If you schedule a Past Life Regression as preparatio for an (LBL) Life Between Lives Regression - (done on two different days). PLR Cost: $350.00 - saving $100.00

To Make Your Appointment: Please phone (816)305-6916 to reserve your day and time.

or E-mail: toby@

A Past Life Regression may be right for you:

What to Expect:

When you arrive we will go over your questions. You will be lying down on a comfortable futon. After a progressed relaxation, you will be going to two and possibly three past lifetimes- depending on the length and depth of the exploration. This is a stand-alone, significant soul experience or a potent preparation for an LBL. Pre and post discussion time is a valuable part of this experience.


Relaxation and a calm, focused mind is essential for a rewarding regression session. Letting go of preconceptions, expectations, previous experiences or knowledge will allow you to have a genuine experience. In fact, the ability to let go and simply be with and in the experience is a hallmark of a significant past life session. Your analytical, logical, "left-brain" mind does an amazing job of serving you but will only slow down your experience during a session. Developing a practice of meditation or using guided visualization techniques aids your ability to let go and relax into the experience.

Create a brief list of questions that you would like to have answered during the session.

We will go over your questions during your intake interview. .


Do not have coffee or other caffeine drinks the day of your session. Eat a suitable breakfast with protein to help hold you over for the duration of time you will be in session.