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Our spirit is the part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine.

Toby Evans Original Artwork in Prints

The following Acrylic paintings are printed on quality canvas suitable for framing. The image of the Labyrinth is used in each painting.

A variety of sizes can be ordered. Please contact me for prices.



"Grail Cup"

Cover art for Chakra Labyrinth Cards

Original - 36'X31"



"Ether- Entering the Unified Field"

Original - 30" circle



"Integration Dance"

30" circle

Cover for "Keeper of the Circles"




"A Maizing Labyrinth"

Original 30" circle

Acrylic with corn pathways.


"Sage Wind"

Original 30" circle




"Descent into the Underworld"

Original 4'X4'




"Releasing the Fourth World"

Original 4X4'




Original 40"X40"



"Embrace the Shadow- Receive the Gift- Embody the Siddhi"

Original 48"X24"



Clay figures and Sea shell & Bead DNA



"Gateway Alignment"

Original 48"x 36"


"Incubating the New Dream"

Sleeping Goddess of Malta





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