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Assembling Your Soul Pieces to Remember the Masterpiece that is You!

Our spirit is the part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine.

The Chakra Labyrinth

The seven pathways of the Prairie Labyrinth were set up to correspond with the order of the seven Chakras by using color, sound and symbols. Walking or finger-walking through a labyrinth can be a way to examine your own energy body beginning at Path 1 (Red) Root Chakra and progressing to Path 7 (Violet) Crown Chakra.
As you wind your way into the labyrinth you are moving upwards through your own energy body, identifying and releasing to Spirit what no longer serves you. Following the same pathway out, you are bringing energy back down through your body in the reverse order, reentering the world from a grounded and connected perspective. Symbollically you are bringing Heaven to Earth.

Path 1-(Red) Root Chakra-Foundation

Path 2-(Orange) Sacral/Womb Chakra-Relationship

Path 3-(Yellow) Solar Plexus Chakra- Individuation

Path 4-(Green) Heart Chakra-Compassion

Path 5-(Blue) Throat Chakra-Expression

Path 6-(Indigo) Third Eye Chakra-Vision

Path 7-(Violet) Crown-Spiritual- Connection

Chakra Angels were made out of clay to represent the chakra paths and are displayed at each turn within the Prairie Labyrinth. The Chakra Angels were the inspiration for creating the Chakra Labyrinth Cards.

Each Angel relays a message from their Chakra.


Root Chakra Angel-Kadmiel

I am related to Adam Kadmon, the first human. I am the union of opposites, half male and half female, embodying Divine Wholeness. Dissolve your sense of separation and trust the stability of your core foundation. The bloodline of the I Am is infused in your roots.








Sacral Chakra Angel- Hamiel

I flow with the kundalini life force energy, stirring your senses awake. Find what excites you and remove your resistance to FEEL. Every relationship is a mirror reflection inviting you to accept yourself.










Solar Plexus Chakra Angel- Natanel

I hold the light of the Great Central Sun. Your internal fire builds your presence, giving you courage to take action and move with confidence in the world. Ignite your true resonance to reveal the Divine.







Heart Chakra Angel- Gabrielle

I stand at the gateway of your heart in the crosswinds of your human experiences. This space can take your breath away or it can fill you up. Allow love to breathe through you.









Throat Chakra Angel- Michael

My sword cuts away layers of self-deception. The only protection you need is against your ego interpretations. Lean into my energy and trust your inner voice to speak loud enough for you to hear.











Third Eye Chakra Angel-Raphael

Give up the demanding distractions of your mind chatter and enter into the still point of your own single eye. Use it as a headlight to see what is right for you. Shifting old perceptions will change the world behind your eyes and redefine what lies before you.











Crown Chakra Angel-Uriel

I open your mind-shaft and lead you into a passage of amethyst light where you are eternally connected to your Higher Self. Actualize this connection and know you are One.





The Goal area or center of the Prairie Labyrinth.
A 6-pointed copper star is mounted above the center post. It symbolizes bringing together the Earth and the Sky or the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies that are present in each of us. In 3-dimensional form this would be called a star tetrahedron or the Mer-Ka-Ba (our human light body).


There are four benches within the goal area.Coming to rest within the labyrinth is a good reminder to be still and return to the center of yourself. Here you can open to receive what you most need.


We are all related, down below and up above. The Earth and Sky are connected, linked by Spirit's light and love. We are all related by the essence of our souls. Together we're the circle. Together we are the Whole.

- Keeper of the Circles