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The Art Line Project

Welcome to the Art Line!

The Art Line was envisoined as a line of walkable, interactive, outdoor artworks stretching across the heart of America on the 39th Latitude.
Known as Earth Art, these geometric reflections of Nature's patterns are created by artists, labyrinth enthusiasts, and local community members in the 14 states that stretch from California to New Jersey and the District of Columbia. With art as a conduit, the Art Line fosters a sense of unity and awareness by promoting a series of connections - between the individual and Nature; between the community members themselves and by linking the communities on the Art Line.

The Art Line is a 28 mile wide band centered on the 39.1 north latitude between 38.9 and 39.3 degrees .
The line starts in California and runs across the heart of the country through Nevada, Utah, Colorado,
Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Virgina, Maryland, Delaware, and the southern tip
of New Jersey on the East Coast.


Why the 39th latitude?

The idea of a straight line across the country developed when Alex Champion saw an aerial photo of three earthworks he created on his land in Mendocino County, California. The three sites straddled a small flat hill and the end designs were invisible to each other from the ground. He discovered that they lay in a straight line.

In the spring of 2000, Alex began construction of the flower wand design
as an earthwork.
The idea then came to make a line of earthworks across the country
with the flower wand at each end.


Alex and Joan Champion and Marilyn Larson met at the home of Toby Evans
(just east of Kansas City, MO) in Nov. 2000 to install one of Alex's earthworks.
This 55' diameter, 9-petal vesica flower design was laid out in sand with base quartz crystal
near the existing Prairie Labyrinth. Toby called the installation "Chante Esti".

  • 9 Vesica Star Design

  • The four developed Alex's initial idea into the Art Line Project after discovering the unlikely coincidence
    that the earthworks at Toby's and the Champions were at the same 39 degree latitude,
    one fifth of a mile from being exact.



    The 39th latitude has historical significance that perhaps is just being re-energized by the Art Line.
    In addition to their multiple earthworks, the Great Serpent Mound in south-central Ohio is on the line.
    A 1987 visit to this site created by the Hopewell culture was the inspiration for the mounded patterns developed by Alex Champion.

    But predating this time is The Barnes Works (aka Seal Township Works) in Sergeants, Ohio. This was an enormous circle-square earthwork complex that included a Great Square perfectly aligned to the cardinal directions, built around 370 BC, making it older than Serpent Mound or Cahokia. The square was 30% larger than the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

    They were part of a much larger complex, much of which remains intact, including over a dozen burial mounds and the famous Piketon Graded Way. This was the epicenter of the first great mound-building civilization in North America.

    Cahokia Mounds in Illinois is at 38.650 latitude.

    The Barnes Works lie within a few feet of the 39th Parallel. This is no accident. Geoffrey Sea, present owner of the Barnes Works, discovered certain geometric-astronomic relationships at the site that account for its placement. The Great Square at Sergeants served as the prehistoric center for a cardinal grid that extended hundreds of miles in each direction.

    In other words -- (in the words of Geoffrey Sea)-- The first great construction on the Art Line was the Barnes Square in 370 BC, which defined the proper latitude for sacred astronomical observation. Serpent Mound was then built at close to the same latitude at a fixed distance from the Barnes Square, in relation to it. Cahokia was then built at another fixed distance from the Barnes Square, also at about the same latitude (correcting for altitude and horizon differences). Non-coincidentally, the distance from the Barnes Square to Cahokia is exactly 20 times the distance as that from the Barnes Square to Serpent Mound. The prehistoric Indians used a base-20 number system. This axis of the Barnes Square - Serpent Mound - Cahokia is what defined the 39th Parallel as the central sacred latitude in prehistoric times. Another sacred line runs north-south from the Barnes Square, encompassing a whole other set of prehistoric earthworks.

    Geoffrey Sea   

    1832 Wakefield Mound Road
    Sargents, OH 45661

    If you know of a labyrinth or sacred site on the 39th Latitude or plan on building a labyrinth on the line, please contact us if you would like to be added to the Art Line. This has become a "grass roots" project that will grow with your help. Imagine sending energy "down the line"! It is not a coincidence that Washington DC is on the line.




    PHILO, CA -Gschwend Road,-------Alex Champion,
    Right hand Cretan, earthwork, (62 ft.).......................1987
    Double spiral, earthwork, (28 x 34 ft.).......................1989
    Viking Horse Trappings, earthwork, (72 ft.)............... 1991
    left hand Cretan, rock/earthwork, (78 ft.)..................1995
    Infinity symbol, earthwork, (10 X 30 ft.).....................1997
    2-Ring Cretan, earthwork , (22 x 28 ft.).....................1997
    Vesica Triangle, earthwork , (32 ft.)...........................1997
    Spinning Meander, earthwork, (38 ft.).......................1998
    Vesica Figure 8, earthwork (38 x 44 ft)......................1998
    4-Ring Cretan Earthwork (48 x 57 ft).........................1999
    Flower Wand Design, earthwork, (25-50 x 142 ft.)....2000

    GARDEN VALLEY, CA----Patricia Casey, healinghands77@

    Santa Rosa Labyrinth (64').- 2001
    Progress House for Women Labyrinth: made with local metamorphic rock.




    January 2002, eight Gaden Shartse Tibetan Monks created a Yamantaka sand mandala.
    They asked to have the mandala be considered as part of the Art Line.

    Geshe Yeshe Phuntsok and Geshe Lobsang Donyoe conducted a Twenty-one Tara blessing for the Art Line Project
    at the request of Joan Champion and Marilyn Larson. Following the dissolution of the Yamantaka, packets of sand were presented for inclusion at other Art Line sites.

    SOUTH OF GRASS VALLEY, CA----Lynn Goodman
    Chartres-style labyrinth, stone (40 ft)-1998



    FOREST RANCH, CA ----Anelle and Ted Kloski
    Modified Cretan labyrinth with three turns at 3000 ft. elevation in the Black Oak/Yellow Pine belt where the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges meet. The concrete path is 1400 feet long- walking, in and out. It is 100 feet across.
    Open to the public by appointment only.

    SOUTH OF CARSON CITY, NV--- John Wayne Blassingame, Alex Champion and others
    Left-hand Cretan Labyrinth, stone (30 ft).....1990s.


    DESERT ROUTE 839 off of route 50 ---Alex and Joan Champion, Anne Walton.
    Stone 3-ring Cretan (18ft)......2001





    LAWRENCE, KS---Joan Clark David Bartholomew

    11-circuit Chartres style – 100 ‘ diameter ---May 2012
    Luna Bella Labyrinth - Mowed paths in natural prairie grass
    Private labyrinth – open to the public by appointment :

    1661 E. 400th Rd.
    Lawrence, KS 66049





    SIBLEY, MO- outside of Kansas City, MO--- Toby Evans

    Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth (166 ft)......March 23,1995
    "The Prairie Labyrinth": Mowed paths in native prairie grass.
    Aligned with the Seven Chakras
    Built by Toby Evans & Mary K Barge.
    Open by appointment only






    SIBLEY, MO -Toby Evans Official MO Art line site

    "Chante Ishta" - 9 Petal Vesica design (55 ft)....Nov. 2000
    Base quartz crystal in sand with flowers and herbs
    Designed by Alex Champion.



    KANSAS CITY, MO ----M.E. Beth Langley

    "The 10 Acre Wood Man in the Maze Labyrinth" at Clay Platte Children's House Montessouri School (32 FT.)...Oct..2008
    Contact: Andrea Plath Scott (816) 741-6940 email:cpchmontessori@
    5901 N.W. Waukomis Dr. Kansas City, MO 64151
    Named for the Hopewell People who inhabited the area thousands of years ago.
    Cedar mulch and rock
    Designer: M.E. Beth Langley. Installed by Langley, students, staff and friends.
    Open during school hours by appointment.


    CENTRALIA , MO ----Barb and Charlie Kribbs:
    Classical Seven-Circuit (130 ft).....May 23, 2003
    Wildflower Labyrinth: Mowed paths in 1 acre plot of wildflowers.

    Winter and summer photo
    Private. By appointment only





    COLUMBIA, MO---Robert Ferre

    Chartres style all concrete labyrinth (42 ft.)......2005
    Within walking distance of Boone Hospital. Open to the public.
    Created by Labyrinth Enterprizes.
    Contact robert@



    COLUMBIA, MO---Amy Company - ACompany@

    Smithton Middle School's Seven-Circuit Labyrinth. Created by Amy Company's Art classes. May, 2009.
    Individual ceramic tile creations are used as the walls with mulch paths. (30 ft.)
    Open to the public.






    FOSTERBURG, IL ----- Virginia M. Long
    Seven-Circuit Labyrinth: (65') ......May, 2000


    MODESTO, IL ----- John Oaks]
    Modified Cretan seven-circuit Labyrinth: (65'x58')....2009
    Location: Berean Church RD, Modesto, Illinois

    Modified Cretan 7 circuit Labyrinth size: 65'x58'
    3' wide grass paths and a 10' center area with curved bench.  The "lines" are pebbled cement and are flush with the ground
    Private. Open by appointment -
    Owners: John Oaks & Elliott Challandes



    MORGANTOWN, IN --- Gene Neidnagel: gene@
    Chartres style grass labyrinth (88ft.) .....1997
    Waycross Episcopal Church and Conference Center:
    Open to visitors and conference guests
    7363 BearCreek Rd; Morgantown, IN 46160, (812)597-4241
    Built by John Ridder and Dr. Tom Ferrara.
    Dedicated by Bishop Ed Jones on June 21, 1997


    INDIANAPOLIS, IN---Danelle S. Bryant: aromaoils4u@
    Classical Seven-Circuit Grass Turf Labyrinth. (50ft ).....July, 2001
    With swings and seating area in 8ft center. On an acre lot .

    NORTH VERNON, IN---John Ridder, http://www.
    Chartres style 8-Circuit Grass and mulch Labyrinth. (84 ft.).....2003
    St. Vincent-Jennings County Hospital: Open 24/7.






    COVINGTON, KY---- Bart Groeneveld

    "Community Faith Meditation Labyrinth"
    Community of Faith Presbyterian Church, 1400 Highland Pike, Covington, Kentucky 41011
    Baltic wheel, 60 feet diameter, 7-circuits: Mowed grass
    Dedication date : June 2008 Open to the public
    Contact : Bart Groeneveld, 859-491-6744 (church member). Alternate: Rev. Don Smith, 859-331-3238 (church pastor)



    Great Serpent Mound, a thousand year old Native American earthwork
    1/4 mile long, 15 to 20 ft. wide and 4 to 5 ft. high
    Open to Public




    Grailville Conference Center
    Grailville has two outdoors labyrinths which are free and open to the public.
    The smaller labyrinth, in the Chartres design, is made of bricks inlaid in the ground and can be found behind the pine grove. The larger labyrinth, 200 feet in diameter and mowed in the grass behind the conference buildings, is one of the largest in the Midwest. Described as a Cretan labyrinth, the most universally used labyrinth pattern, its name refers to the Greek island of Crete and the labyrinth there, in the palace of Knossos. This pattern was chosen for Grailville’s first labyrinth because it has traditionally symbolized feminine spirituality and the universality of all religions.


    Jesuit Center MILFORD, OH---Amy Winegardner,
      Marketing Director   513.248.3500 ext.15

    Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford

    Chartres-style stone labyrinth on the beautiful 37-acre campus of the Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford and on the banks of the historic Little Miami River.  Handicapped accessible. Open to retreatants at the Jesuit Spiritual Center and by appointment. Please call (513) 248-3500 ext. 10 to schedule a time.



    CINCINATTI, OH ----John Ridder :
    Ohio Garden Labyrinth at New Thougth Unity Church, East Walnut Hills. Cement Triune Labyrinth created by Paxworks in 2010. Open to Public.






    Parkersburg, West Virginia -Sarah Townsend-

    The First Presbyterian Church, 1341 Juliana Street, Prkersburg, WV 26101 USA
    Phone: 304-422-5426
    Midieval St. Paul Paver Labyrinth made of Brick/ pavers by the Labyrinth Company, Greenleaf Landscapes- August 20, 2012
    Always open



    ARLINGTON, VA----Robert & Jane Buckman
    3-Circuit Classical Labyrinth: (13' 6'')........2000
    Bricks and turf. Private.

    NORTHERN VA ----- Karen Rowe
    Seven-Circuit paving stone circular labyrinth

    RECTORTOWN, VA--- Sananjaleen June Hughes, sananda@ erols. com
    Left handed Cretan, (36 feet)
    The Sananda Labyrinth: Assorted stones and mulch. Private garden, avaliable by appointment only


    WINCHESTER, VA ---Rev. Dr. Hillary B. Smith

    Medieval 8-circuit Vision Quest Design: Brick pavers (30 feet)……….Aug. 6, 2011                                        

    St . Paul on the Hill Episcopal Church - 1527 Senseny Rd. Winchester, VA 22602

     Always Open . Contact to schedule group visits –








    Bethesda, MD-----Marty Kermeen,

    Exact Chartres Labyrinth Replica at Walter Reed Medical Center - 42’ 3 and 3/8” in diameter. Created by Marty Kermeen using red concrete pavers for the path.  The lines are clay pavers with iron dust baked onto the surface. Installed- 2011. Open only to staff and patients.



    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND---David Tolzmann,
    Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth in pavers: (52 ft).
    John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center: Public. Open 24 hours and lit at night.
    Wheel Chair accessible. 4940 Eastern Ave.- Baltimore. 410-550-0128.

    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Rev. Jack Sharp:
    The Ellen Morriss Memorial Santa Rosa Labyrinth : (65 ft.).....1999
    Govans Presbyterian Church: The largest Santa Rosa-style labyrinth on the East Coast.
    Crushed asphalt pathways and a grassy center.
    Public - Open daily from dawn to dusk.
    Illuminated at night. 5828 York Rd. 410-435-9188
    Design by Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.


    An outdoor Chartres labyrinth:.............Feb.1999
    Bon Secours Spiritual Center: Inlaid with bricks, set in a one-acre wooded area on the grounds. Created to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of Bon Secours of Paris, a religious order of women whose mission is to provide "good help to those in need."
    Open 24 hours to the Public . 1525 Marriottsville Rd. 410-442-1320


    CROWNSVILLE, MARYLAND--- Shane & Leah Odom, pathmaker@
    "The Green Rose Labyrinth Garden"
    5-Circuit Baltic Wheel (15 ft)......2002
    Brick-in-Ditch in Garden setting.



    5-Circuit "Heart-of-Chartres" (65 ft)......1999
    900 ft.+ long nature trail in woodland setting with central fire hearth.
    Public-Open daily dawn to dusk. Group use of fire hearth by appointment.
    1397 Generals Hwy, (410) 923-2104





    NORTH CAPE MAY, NEW JERSEY---Michelle Bingnear, michellebingnear

    "The Labyrinth in My Backyard"
    Size 30' by 40'
    Date of installation: May 10, 2009
    Seven Circuit-  Materials used (Rock, brick, prayer flags, and rope)
    Open - second and fourth Sundays of the month, from 2pm til 4pm.
    Contact Michelle Bingnear : 609-827-4780  

    Bellesplain NJ

    BELLEPLAIN, NJ ---Ann Lunetta,

    Neighboring Belleplain Statel Forest.

    271 Hands Mill Road/ Belleplain, NJ 08270. phone 609-861-2895/ cell: 609-513-5414


    Date of Installation: 2012

    Seven Circuit - Burmed walls with rocks and grass paths

    If you know of other labyrinths or other interesting landmarks already existing on the line,
    please send a description or photo if you have one. If you live on the Art Line and are inspired to create a labyrinth, we will include it.
    The location of any site can be determined by going to:

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