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Our spirit is the part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine.

9 Petal-Vesica Star Design - "Chante Ishtah"

A 9 petal-Vesica Star Design was added to our land in Nov. 2000 as part of "The Art Line" Project. It was designed by "Earth Symbol" artist, Alex Champion. I call the design "Chante Ishta" - a South Eastern Cherokee expression that means "Single Eye of the Heart".

This pattern can be walked before or after the Prairie Labyrinth. Unlike the single path of the labyrinth, Chante has a continuous path that allows you to choose the direction (counter-clockwise or clock-wise) you wish to walk, taking you through all of the vesicas or petal shapes. You may step off the paths into the center ( a 9-pointed star) whenever you choose to pause and reflect or feel complete.

And it's up to us to walk the wheel around. It's up to us to find our sacred, common ground. Can we accept that a flower can light a star? The Wheel will turn until we learn and remember just who we are. - Keeper of the Circles


Alex adapted the 9-petal design from one of Michelangelo's architectural achievements called "The Campidoglio". This site was once the symbolic center of ancient Rome. Michelangelo's design was laid out using 12-vesicas while 9-vesicas were chosen for Chante -due to space considerations. 9 is the number of completion.

Engraving by Etinne Duperac,1569
Taken from H.W. Janson's "History of Art"




The Vesica shaped pathways were laid out on a 55 ft. sand circle, outlined with base quartz crystal. The winding walkway is a meander through diamond-shaped islands that were planted with flowers and herbs. All the pathways revolve around and lead to the raised-earth center, in the shape of a 9-pointed star. A statue of Mary stands in the center as a representation of the Divine Feminine, honoring the Universal Heart. Transformation can only happen through our willingness to go into our hearts.



Labyrinths and designs like Chante Ishta are natural Release and Renew circles. Many come here to examine and release old limiting patterns and to recharge their internal batteries. Moving our bodies through patterns of sacred geometry reorients us to the natural order and harmony found in Nature, restoring us to our true nature.

By returning to inner peace, we bring it into our lives - and out into the world.